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Our name means that we teach “sport Tae Kwon Do,” in other words: Olympic style sparring/fighting. Students learn to defend themselves not just through kicking, punching, and blocking, but through strategy, awareness, listening and self-control.

Yi Sport gave me so much more than Taekwondo. It gave me an incredible sense of community.
— Haley Smith
Yi Sport has a history seeped in success and makes me proud to wear the purple jacket in competition. Not only do they train excellence, but Coach Lionel Lee and his family have had such a profound affect on my life outside the mat as well.
— Miles Shin
Training and competing with Yi Sport are both difficult and intense, but completing and overcoming these obstacles were rewarding as it gave me a lot of confidence in myself and has taught me dedication and perseverance.
— Trish Louie
We learned how to protect ourselves and the definition of true strength, both mentally and physically.
— Rabiya Robele